The Accrington Pals – October 18-20th

Accrington Pals on parade

Accrington Pals on parade


The Accrington Pals – October 18-20th - Tickets on sale NOW visit the Chinnor Community Pavilion or (booking fee may apply)

2018 marks 100 years since the last year of World War I. Chinnor Players are marking the centenary with a wonderful Play about a few of the young men from Accrington who fought for their country so bravely and the women left behind.

One of our cast, playing the role of a 'pal' is Dom Blyth, a young man with an extraordinary interest and knowledge of WWI. His enthusiasm for detail and factual correctness is giving the rest of the cast quite an education. He has written this short introduction to our play and a tiny insight into his passion.

“ The Accrington Pals is about the brave lads of a small community taken by war. A story known up and down the country. Men could find themselves anywhere on the globe fighting for their King, take Sergeant Albert Marriott. He was born in chinnor in 1883. He was a pre-war professional soldier who served in the 1st Battalion, B company Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire light infantry. On the 8th of August 1914 the battalion was stationed in India and were deployed to Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) on the 7th of November. Albert Marriott died on the 22nd of November 1915 and is commemorated on the Basra memorial, Iraq.

When you think of the First World War images of the trenches and mud of the Western Front spring to mind. This modern war was much more than stalemate, battles were fought in the settlements outside Jerusalem, cavalry charges through the ancient cities in the Iraqi dessert and the never ending combat against diseases on the Greek-Serbian boarder. Cast your mind to these forgotten battles and the men who paid the ultimate price thousands of miles from their home.”.....written by Dom Blyth

Keep the date clear and join us October 18-20th at Chinnor Village Hall from 7.30pm.

We will be supporting both Help for Heroes and Royal British Legion during the production so please come along, have a great night out and support two extremely worthy causes.

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